Project description

The waste recycling facility within the framework of PPP implementation is an integral property complex created by the joint activity of the parties of the public-private partnership, the functional purpose of which is the implementation of any technological operations related to the change in the physical, chemical or biological properties of waste with the purpose of preparing them for environmentally safe processing, use, storage, transportation, utilization or disposal. This project envisages the creation of a material and technical base that will, in the long run, minimize the costs of utilization (recycling) of wastes and generate revenues from the products that will be formed during the processing.


Structure of the waste recycling complex

  • Resevoir of solid waste
  • Sorting line
  • Recycling of organic waste (AD), anaerobic reactor
  • Heat and power plant
  • Processing plastic into liquid fuel
  • Chipper for construction waste
  • Administrative buildings

Project parametrs

  • The capacity of processing of solid waste – 225 000 t / year
  • Depth of processing of solid waste – up to 70%
  • Building area – 20 hectares
  • Investments: USD 59 MUSD
  • Operating profit: USD 11,5 MUSD per year
  • The payback period is 10 years

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