Project description

Currently, the city of Dnipro does not have its own city history museum. Available expositions of the city in other museums often continue to show the city as a part of Russian history or Soviet Union history ignoring its Ukrainian basis and its powerful national minorities, which participated and still participate in creation of history of the city of Dnipro. That is why the Museum of History of the city of Dnipro will be important point for conducting of educational work with representatives of the city community, as well as a place to present the city to tourists. Conceptually, the Museum will differ from existing ones because it will bring a person living in the city and a person visiting the museum into focus. The exposition will tell about “a person in city space”, “a person in society”, “a person in productive activities” and will use interactivity and multimedia allowing a participant to feel empathy and to equate himself with inhabitants of the city of Dnipro from previous ages. The Museum of History of the city of Dnipro will be created in two stages. The first stage is to create mini-museum in the historical building under the name “The Governorʼs House” with parallel preparation of a large exposition. The second stage is to create the full-scale museum of the city of Dnipro.


Project parametrs

Project cost (1st stage): USD 20 K Project cost (2nd stage): USD 1,5 mln

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