"Academia" Science & Technology Park


Project description

Description of the project: the creation of science and technology park in Dnipro City Location of the project: Dnipro National University, Dnipro National University of Railway Transport


Project product

  • 1500 new jobs
  • 300 residents in the technological park
  • 20 new innovative companies annually
  • USD 20 mln / year annual increase in innovative products
  • 1000 annual increase in new jobs
  • Involvement of international investments into the region

Project advantages

  • Assistance from the municipal authorities
  • Dnipro is the center of space, IT and agrarian branches of Ukraine
  • Synergy of Science, Business and Municipal Authority
  • Very attractive campus area with sports facility and the park

Project parametrs

Total cost of the project: USD 20 mln Project duration: 3 years Payback period: 6 years

Engineering infrastructure

Distance from the nearest routes 2 km – Route H08
Water, gas, electricity In suffcient quantity

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