Project description

Agricultural products cultivation with environmental protection using combined heat and power system (CHP),
which supplies its electricity at premium prices to the energy market. CHP by-products (heat and CO2) serve as a nutrient
environment for greenhouses. Agropark includes biomass processing unit (BML), which reduces the impact on the environment of domestic and industrial waste in the region.


  • Construction. Area under construction – 60 hectares
  • The volume of solid waste – 350 000 t / year

Project parametrs

Project cost: USD 275 mln
Own funds: Public-private partnership
Necessary investments: USD 275 mln
Brief description of operating income flows per project
(per year): USD 117,4 mln
Summary of capital and operational costs of the project
(per year): USD 30,1 mln
Method of attraction of resources: External investments
Stage of project readiness: Business plan
Guarantee: Insurance
Payback period of the project: 10 years
Net present value of the project (NPV): USD 404,8 mln

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