The official business start “The Development Agency of the Dnieper” is dated November 2016. The agency was founded by the decision of the Dnipro City Council as a communal enterprise in the form of 100% ownership of the city council. The agency’s concept was to make the city open and accessible to the outside world in order to attract new investments and help create more jobs.

Our two main areas are promoting investment and urban brand development. Our business support activities are aimed at improving existing development initiatives and aligning them with UNIDO’s international standards. We strive to create business plans that meet the expectations of investors and other financial institutions. The ultimate goal is to create an interactive business platform that includes investment opportunities offered both by private business and municipal structures.

Our second goal is to develop the Dnipro brand. In Soviet times, this was a city closed to foreigners, and in many respects remains “closed” from the point of view of foreign business relations. We want to change this perception. It is not by accident that the slogan of the “Development Agency of the Dnieper” – “Open the Dnieper for the world!”. And tourism can play an important role, and as a way to promote a more open and affordable Dnipro brand, as well as an important industry that should support the urban economy.

We offer a full service package to potential investors, which contains everything from initial contacts to support such issues as land allocation and communications. We also want to minimize unnecessary bureaucracy.

Our investment objectives include investment of $ 5 billion and creation of 100,000 jobs over the next 10 years. The current projects of the “Dnieper Development Agency”, primarily in the infrastructure sector, include investments of $ 1.8 billion. We anticipate that these projects will help stimulate further investment in the private business sector and residential and retail construction sectors.

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