Dnipro is one of the major political, industrial, financial, scientific and cultural centers of Ukraine (~ 1 000 000 inhabitants).

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Despite all types of transport networks being available in the city, a serious traffic problem still exists. Since residential areas are located at a considerable distance, the road network cannot cope with the traffic load. Daily around 250 000 people commute across the Central bridge. In light of this a vertical separation of traffic flows by introducing cable cars, monorails trams, constructing tunnels and viaducts represents a modern approach to the problem within existing historical structure of the city.

The cable car between the right and left banks of the Dnipro River allows for the following:

  1. The redistribution of passenger flows, reducing their density on Slobozhanskiy Avenue and the interchange ramp from the Central bridge on the
    right bank.
  2. The construction of regional bus terminal at the final stop of the cable car in Vasil  Sukhomlynsky Street and reduction of inter-city transport in the city itself.
  3. Connecting the final stop “Maidan Heroes Square” with the subway station to increase train capacity and profitability of both modes of transport.
  4. The construction of transport hub “Industrial Park” in the area of “Interpipe NTRP” industrial zone. The development of the Industrial Park with a business center and an art exhibition complex on Slobozhanskiy Avenue enables to create 5,000 new jobs. The Industrial Park would be the center of gravity on the left bank.
  5. Integrated use of the Dnipro recreation zone in Manuylivskiy residential area.

The proposed cable car trace does not duplicate the project decisions of underground construction and its development is directed to the residential
areas where the traffic problem is partially solved. In reality, the cable car is also of tourism interest to city visitors, thanks to the panoramic views during the trip. The cable car construction will provide a significant boost for the development of city areas.

Read The INDUSTRIAL PARK ІN DNIPRO CITY: analysis of possible sites.

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