Representatives of international organizations, authorities, and the public discussed the improvement of medicine, ecology and economy of the region.

As the regional expert of the Center for the Development of the Dnieper in Dnipropetrovsk Region, Volodymyr Panchenko, Director of the Dnipro Development Agency, noted, “Global Sustainable Development Goals were approved in 2015 at the UN Summit on Sustainable Development. The initiative of the Government of Ukraine and with the assistance of the UN system in Ukraine continued the open and inclusive process of adaptation of the CSR during the year, which gave grounds for developing the national system of the CSR (86 development tasks and 172 indicators for monitoring their implementation).

The principle of “nobody left out” is valid at the regional level. Therefore, it was engaged to discuss in groups not only representatives of public authorities, but also academic institutions, think tanks, and leaders of non-governmental organizations. The result of this work will be the preparation of a regional report, which should become the basis for the development of strategies – by 2030. Accordingly, at the state level, and globally, resources will be sought to make these strategies a reality. After all, the incarnation of the Central Bank will promote the development of infrastructure and attracting investment. ”

During the first quarter of this year, all proposals of the participants will be collected and processed in the program document.

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