It took only 10 days to pass the historic round table “Development of industrial space tourism in the city of Dnipro”, and less than a week after the city council approved the strategy of the tourist potential of the city for 2018-2027 and the Program for the activation of the tourist the potential for 2018-2020, and plans are already being implemented.

Few believed that the climax of the organizers of the roundtable – the University of Alfred Nobel and the “Development Agency of the Dnieper” – about the possibility to open for some of the tourist groups some of the previously classified objects related to the history, present and future of rocket construction in the Dnieper – for further inclusion of these objects in city, all-Ukrainian routes, group and individual tours for domestic and foreign tourists – will find its fast reproduction. But this was exactly the case: the state enterprise “Production Association Southern Machine-Building Plant named after. O. M. Makarov opens the door for tourist groups!

Not yet for everyone. Of course, the specifics of the leading Ukrainian rocket-space technology and defense, scientific, and economic technology companies are responsible for the observance and follow-up of certain procedures by visitors. But what is stated in the strategy of the tourist potential of the city the direction of “Dnipro Innovation and Space” is filled with solid content – an encouraging fact for those who since childhood wanted to touch the space industry.

“By signing a memorandum of cooperation with the University of Alfred Nobel in late August this year, we consistently overcome the path for the real development of innovative space tourism in our city,” says Anna Kolely, head of the tourism agency of the Dnipro Development Agency. – In September, by incorporating SPACE HUB space incubator, a new interesting tourist route “Dnipro Kosmichny. The city is open to the newcomers and not only “, which during this time gathered more than 500 visitors. Even then, we started to prepare a joke for the future – and we are glad that in the end, they got the consent of the leadership of Yuzhmash, for which they are sincerely grateful. Today, the first information tour “Yuzhmashem” for tourism industry experts took place. We personally passed through a sieve of strict rules: a record for a week, a pass-through mode (4-time one-time passport check during the tour), a ban on photography, video shooting. But the scale of what you saw, believe me, impress. Next, we will process its filling. And from the new year, I think, we will begin to invite an updated route, which will certainly be interesting for different target groups. Important detail: Individual visits are not foreseen: for single tourists, teams will be created. So watch out for our announcements carefully – space is already waiting for you! “

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