Symbolically, on the day of St. Nicholas, on the basis of the communication platform “Development agencies of the Dnipro” a presentation of the city’s municipal development program for 2017-2021 took place. Mistyan familiarized with the activities of innovative programs in the city of Dnipro and plans for the development of relevant projects.

As noted in.o. Deputy Mayor Janika Merilo, in recent years, the first, but rather significant, steps have been made to modernize the Dnieper in various fields.

“When we came here, the city did not have any electronic base at all, everything was stored on paper. We have begun to solve this problem and have progressed significantly over the past two years. Therefore, support for innovative projects is very important for the city, because it will significantly increase the pace of development of the Dnieper “, – admits Yana Merilo.

“The program was designed specifically to promote the implementation of innovative activities in our city, create conditions for it and implement the results,” said Yulia Pavlyuk, Director of the Department of Innovative Development of DMR, who presented the project “City. Ideas Innovations: tools for creative development of the Dnieper “. – The program will carry out trainings, seminars, exhibitions and presentations. Information support will also be provided. In the future, they plan to create a city coworking center, where innovators will be able to communicate with potential investors. ”

So, already next year, planned three major events of innovation. The first is InnoDnipro, which will last for a year. The event will help city authorities to support innovators who have start-ups. The best projects will be selected by the end of the year, and their authors will receive a financial reward.

In May 2018, the Maker Faire Dnipro festival will be held. It will present projects in the areas of IT, science and technology. And at the end of the year a large “Dnipro Innovation Forum” will take place in the city.

“Our position is that innovative projects should be such that not only improve the lives of citizens, but also are pay-back. This will allow to constantly increase the budget of support for similar projects, which in turn will create a certain economic effect “, – said the director of the Agency for the development of the Dnipro River Volodymyr Panchenko.

In addition, representatives of the “Platform of Urban Innovations” also attended the presentation. They talked about their project and showed what stages the idea goes before the incarnation.

“The mission of the platform is to make the startups in Ukraine have a higher percentage of survival. Today, this is a maximum of 5%, all others are simply dying. In the world now 30% of projects survive, that is, six times more than we have. Therefore, we need to implement a methodology to make projects more mature, and not fantastic, “says Victoria Podgorna, founder and lead coordinator of the platform.

Now the representatives of the city council will decide whether to cooperate with this project.

“We want to analyze this platform and understand what it can add to what we already have. Any initiative that brings together public organizations, IT companies, startups, is always interesting to us “, – emphasized Yana Merilo.

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