On December 5th Dnipro City Council held a roundtable “Samar town is the cossack predecessor of the Dnipro city.”

Co-organizers of the event were “Dnipro Development Agency” and “Ethnographic parks of Dnipropetrovsk” municipal enterprises of City Council of Dnipro City. Representatives of local authorities, well-known scientists – historians and archaeologists – from Kyiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia participated in the roundtable. Among the participants – – Victor Brehunenko, Ph.D., head of the Archeology Institute of National Academy of Sciences ,  Iryna Kovaliova, PhD, Professor of history of Dnipro University, Serguiy Lepyavko, PhD, Director of “Seversky Institute of regional studies” (Chernigiv) and others.

The subject of discussion was the historical and architectural town of the first quarter of the XVI century of world value  – Cossack settlement Samara which is better known to public for now as Novobohorodytska fortress.

The roundtable is yet another in a series of measures, aimed at creating a strategic vision of Dnipro city as a tourist center.

Scientists comprehensively discussed the historic basis of the appearance of the settlement and its development. After all, the Cossack town of Samar, whose roots reach to the archaeological finds of the first quarter of the XVI century, confirms the continuity of the urban process in the modern Dnipro city. And here we return to the question of time of foundation of Dnipro city.

We remember that the city Dnipropetrovsk was considered to be only as the former Katerinoslav, a product of the Russian Empire, suppressing history of the Cossack period, ignoring city history, thus – a powerful layer of the unique multicultural past. One of the steps in overcoming this state of affairs is to appeal to the Cossack period in the history of Dnipro – namely to the town of Samar. Overcoming the nonentities of Soviet times is only possible through the development of new Ukrainian cultural and historical landscape of the Dnipro city. Aftre all, an appeal to the Dnipro Cossack past policy implements restoration of national memory and “soft” decommunisation under which urban space, full of Soviet elements enriched with new, alternative, historical and cultural facilities.

As the result of the roundtable signing of a resolution addressed to the local authorities happened, which called to establishing historical and museum complex on the former place of Samar, which aims to perform training and education functions, pointed to the formation of Ukrainian cultural space, building Ukrainian historical and cultural landscape of the Dnipro city, promoting new  tourist center. Musefication and exhibition of unique artifacts that represent early stage of the history of Dnipro city, in the museum being established, not only for Ukraine, but also for Central and Eastern Europe.

Historical museum complex should be built and operated exclusively on scientific principles, involving leading experts and using modern scientific achievements.

Construction of the complex and creation of the museum on its basis will help: to form  Ukrainian identity and urban consciousness, to design an image of the city as a cultural and historical center in the south-eastern region of Ukraine; to educate  citizen in the mood of patriotism, to develop cultural contacts with other countries (Lithuania, Poland) and to develop industry of tourism.

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