On November 15, the Dnipro Development Agency started its work. The new structure has a purpose to develop and implement a new format of strategic urban development as well as support all aspects of this development such as a change of the city image and its business model in order to build a successful and comfortable metropolis in the global world, which will further turn into a magnet for new people, ideas and money.
The Agency is a public utility company that is subject to Dnipro Local Council. It is an important advantage for anyone who plans to work in Dnipro’s business environment. Since, the utility company will actually serve as “live” business hub, which is a mediator between business and the local authorities.

“Today we start a new project which gives hope to all of us – the residents of Dnipro, primarily, but also to the deputies, employees of the City Council who day by day work on tasks to improve life in the city”, – said Natalia Chernysheva, the Head of Economic Development and Investment Authority within Economics, Finance and Municipal Budget Department. – “Dnipro had overcome a long way to go before the agency was established. Many cities of Ukraine have already created similar structures. But it only enables us to take into account their experience, their mistakes and become the first in Ukraine, become the best. ”
The functions of the Agency include the development strategy of the city to promote business projects, attracting investment and rebranding. But the main feature is an intellectual product, initiation as many new projects and support of existing ones, attracting maximum donors, grants and other sources of financial revenue.
Undoubtedly, the city has developed strategies, but at certain stages the work was suspended. However, nothing went in vain – now they will be the basis for further work. The next year it will be possible to implement the first projects on the basis of attracting donor and grant funding.

The concept of Dnipro development has 3 components. The first and foremost is a comfortable city for life.
“It is thanks to rebranding, Dnipro City converted to analog of Vienna, Montreal, Seoul – cities where you can live like in a resort place and business center at the same time”, – said Volodymyr Panchenko, the director of PU. – “This will lead to an influx of active people from all over Ukraine and the world. Among the new tools, we will use a new conceptual model of space, comfortable for living – “Ukrainian Amsterdam”: a city on the river with low buildings, which we will bring to life together with the Architectural Authorities “, – added Vladimir Panchenko.
Also the new positioning of Dnipro will ensure the development of the tourism industry. Glorious history, diverse natural landscapes, numerous tourist facilities combined with government support in the creation of infrastructure will turn Dnipro into a tourist center of the region and will welcome about 1.5 million people each year.
The next component is support for small and medium-sized businesses.
” We certainly differ from similar projects in the question of business support. We do not support the concept of “single window” – it is “dead.” We attract an investor and carefully lead it at every stage of the work. We care for every person who found a reason to invest in Dnipro “, – stressed Volodymyr Panchenko.
As part of this work, a competition of business projects based on UNIDO standard in order to create a real business city on a map is to start on November 16. The winners will receive from $30 000 to $2.5 million grant on the development of their own business.
Special attention will be given to projects related to city ecology and energy efficiency.
One of the key events organized by the agency next year will be Dnipro-Art Industrial Economic Forum and Exhibition. The forum will bring together different industries – metallurgy, machinery, IT sphere and other.

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