On November 17, the Dnipro State Academy of Construction and Architecture hosted a joint meeting on problems of architecture development and urban planning of Dnipro City with the participation of Dnipro Development Agency, leading architects of the Academy, chief architects of Dnipro City and region, Dnipropetrovsk regional organization of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine.

The meeting was attended by Volodymyr Panchenko, the Director of Dnipro Development Agency, Dmitry Volik , the Chief Architect of Dnipro, Igor Pidorvan, a member of the GO “Ukraine-American Association of Higher School”, Igor Bogdanov, the chief architect of Dnepropetrovsk region, Andrew Shkovyra, the head of DSAU, Sergei Fateev, the head of the GO “Source of power “,  Nicholas Sawicki, the Vice-Rector of PSACEA, Alexander Chelnokov, the dean of the faculty of Architecture and other famous scientists and young professionals.

Such question as Dnipro development vectors and architectural education, the renovation of riverside industrial areas in Dnipro, eniological approach to the architecture, the need for a development strategy for the city together with suburban areas were raised among other issues. One of the suggestions was to create a “scientifical town” on the territory of the Slobozhanskiy village council.
The meeting decided on the establishment of the ARD advisory body which includes leading scientists, architects working in the area of Dnipro development. Also, the participants adopted the Declaration of the Dnipro development strategy on the principles of sustainable development, and set the priority projects to develop business plans and attract investments.

Sawicki M. The purpose of the meeting.
Chelnokov O.V.
Bondarenko A.I. Dnipro transformation by using technology Smart City.
Samoilenko E.V. and Kozlov K.S.
Vorob’yov V.V.
Nevgomonnyy H.W. Waste recycling technologies and energy efficiency.
Denisenko A.V. Vector for the joint development of the city, architectural education, architectural practice and cooperation between the main architects of the city and the region and graduates.
Babenko M.M.  International relations of PSACEA and cooperation projects with foreign organizations
Fateev S.G., Bogdanov I.V., Volik D.V., Shkovyra A.Y. Current state of architectural design in the region, the city and Ukraine.
1. It is necessary to unite efforts of such development components as “science, education, manufacturing, government and civil society” to address the urgent problems of the city and Dnipro region.
2. To consider creating an advisory body from leading scientists, architects working in the area of Dnipro development within ARD frames.
3. To accept the results of Habitat-3 (Ecuador, Quito)

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