We do have a DREAM. And our city does have the capacity.

That is why we invite everybody interested in tourism development of Dnipro to join us.

The Round table “Tourism development in Dnipro City: current state, trends and prospects” is devoted to discuss a new concept for tourist activities and mechanisms of cooperation between business structures, the authorities and the general public, and has its aim to implement the plan on stimulating tourism development in Dnipro City for 2017.

The first part of the meeting includes the presentation “Tourism as an instrument for city development”, which contains the information about potential directions to tourism development both in Ukraine and in Dnipro, and the plan of activities for 2017.The second part involves brainstorming, discussions of action plan for support of tourism development in Dnipro, proposals and supplements made to it, and recommendations for cooperation between all interested parties.

The representatives of Ukraine Ministry of Economic Development, local authorities, tourist industry, scientists, hotel and restaurant businesses, and other related branches of economy are invited to take part in the round table.

Registartion: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1vYyfsl-qGNYXtn2kX-7HwfyfySZIf1Xey0zql99GUF8/

The venue: Dnipro Development Agency, 14 Voskresenska str., Dnipro city, Ukraine (Governor’s House, 2nd floor).

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